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Ok what do you people think?

2010-03-07 14:33:37 by Chizure

I was thinking of making a Hentai Game? Like an hentai quiz ! My first hentai quiz So what do you people think PM me telling what you think??

Ok what do you people think?


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2010-03-07 14:58:55

looking forward to it... only I've you make it better than your 'elf date sim(demo) game. That one was pretty worse.

Chizure responds:

I know lol I'm trying to learn how to make a Hentai "Slideshow". Ya know with the questions and shit


2010-03-08 20:50:48

I hear ya. You'd get alot of ratings and reviews in a heartbeat. Can too much attention be a bad thing? Thats something you'll come to find out.

The elf sim demo is a good start (that being which I'm attracted too.>_>), pick up the pace, give it variation, and throw in special extras like "easter eggs" (hidden pockets of goodies) and stuff. People are suckers for things like that, so that'll totally get you more views.

Chizure responds:

As soon as I learn to make a hentai flash Slideshow I will ^^


2010-03-10 14:23:17

If you plan on using your own art that you have created, then do it. Otherwise you would just be stealing other people's work like most of the other hentai slideshows and quizzes on here.

Chizure responds:

I'm gonna draw my own hentai girl


2010-03-11 18:32:24

Make a real porn quiz with mathematical questions. If you want more attention, and almost get a daily award, make a hentai quiz with good quality pictures. Use photoshop (or any other decent picture editing program, like GIMP) to resize them. And you should make a good looking layout. Even though I would prefer a real porn quiz, this is newgrounds, apparently most people prefer hentai, and you're the one that's going to choose. And you can only put solo girls, no sex can be involved according to the rules.
tl;dr: don't do it, it ain't worth it.


2010-03-15 01:13:22

Its not to hard to make ;p I made a few with hardly any coding

Chizure responds:

Then make a toturail for it ?


2010-03-15 20:27:35

go for it!

Chizure responds:

i Will!


2010-05-21 21:02:24



2010-10-13 19:36:34

dude,why would you want to do that?!
and plus,you need to finish your elf sim date! i'm looking forward to you finishing it.